Saturday, August 04, 2012


It is good to:
~ cultivate a happy disposition, a happy mood;
~ accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative;
~ be alert to much and to focus on the best;
~ take care of fear promptly and to let it go;
~ be willing to be happy;
~ attend a bit more to strength, beauty, joy;
~ take care in speech and thought;
~ us the best word I can;
~ be aware of the facts as one focuses on love, cheerfulness, gladness, hopefulness;
~ deepen ones understanding of the words one uses; 
~ so order ones speech that each word one say should be the highest truth one knows;
~ avoid slang;
~ Know that right speech is the forerunner of right conduct;
~ Know that by attending to ones speech the action of ones life tends to purification;
~ breathe tranquilly;
~ seek knowledge, skill, truth, understanding;
~ learn to do ones work;
~ act;
~ do;
~ master doing;
~ become able;
~ let life be beautiful.

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