Thursday, July 09, 2009

What Do We Do About It?

Power corrupts.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You have probably heard something very like the above more than once.
What has it to do with you and me? Where does the power of another human being touch you? What is the nature of that touch? Consider examples.

What kinds of power most interest you?
What is the corruption like?

What has mankind tried to do about the corrupting influence of power?
Who keeps an eye on it?

You know that power is 'good' in that it can be helpful and useful.
You know that power is 'bad' in that it can be damaging and enslaving.

There is power potential in fire or a hammer. What rules have we developed to potentiate the good and limit the bad in hammers and fire? How do we teach and limit their users?

There is a power potential in military and political organizations. What rules has mankind developed to potentiate the good in such organizations and limit the bad?

How do we limit the bad in us and give the good in us a better chance?

You and I deal with power every day. How have we kept as free from corruption as we have?

We give (delegate) power to others every day. What rules do we have for limiting the corrupting to which those others are exposed?

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