Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Pueblo revolt of 1680 probably began at the Taos Pueblo. "Revolt" here refers to the organized and focused resistance of the non-nomadic natives of the Rio Grand area against the Hispanic colonists settling along the Rio Grand river, mostly in what is now New Mexico.
Most of the Spaniards with the resources to do so, retreated to Mexico. Others scattered. Some even marrying into nomadic tribes.

Pope was probably the most important Indian leader of that rebellion.

Spaniards returned to the Rio Grand valley of what is now New Mexico in 1692 under the leadership of Diego de Vargas.

Spain's power was beginning to decline and the upper Rio Grand was probably her most remote colony. Taos was supplied by land over a 2000 mile trail from Mexico City. So the defenders of th Colonists faced native opposition of superior numbers who were often better mounted and armed then they. The spainards fought with lance and bow as did the Pueblos.

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