Thursday, May 28, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

It is often my knees that have me crippled up, but these days its my hip and thumbs. I guess this pain and stiffness comes from emptying one shed of lumber and other junk, then tearing it down, and going on to clean out the storage garage. Still I crawled out of bed with only mild curses and was out working by 7:30 this morning.
Hadn't been at it long when I heard someone helloing. It was a tall guy of about 50 with a big mustache. He was tracking an old horse through my property. It wasn't his. Seems that last night It had gotten into his young horses feed. His horse had hurt itself defending his feed.

I thought I heard a horse whinny last night, but just rolled over. At one time I might have been out with a gun, but these days neighbors turn their dogs on to the property and others drive around the property like it was a play ground for four wheelers. If I started shooting I'd be in jail before I even began to thin the trespassers out. And then I probably wouldn't have gotten to the really responsible parties.

I am gradually putting up some more fences. The don't slow down the dogs, but the do seem to give horses and drivers second thoughts.

In my wood shed I found two by fours and four by fours so damaged by dogs teeth as to be unusable. Other smaller stuff was shredded and made tooth picks. A dog that will shred a four by four to get at a rabbit, really wants that rabbit.

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