Friday, April 10, 2009

So Willing

Why, fellow citizen, do we seem to be so willing to .......
~ keep ourselves ignorant
~ be okay with a professional military more and more supplemented with mercenaries
~ be at war
~ make war
~ kill children, women, and other forms of life
~ kill in the name of Christ
~ support the hate and mistrust in Senate bill One and the Patriot Act
~ abdicate responsibility for our prisons, schools, military, health care, welfare, parenting
~ go on being fearful of talking to one another about the things important to us
~ teach our children to kill without clearly understanding why
~ think that it is fine for us to back out of or ignore our treaty obligations
~ why do we contemplate killing those who honor theirs
~ fear people who have attacked no one when we have attacked so many
~ to be proud of our many violent attacks on others
~ be so careless of 'collateral damage'
~ be so careless about killing civilians
~ support wasting mercury in the ocean when we know it threatens all life
~ avoid teaching our children
~ avoid caring for the health of our children?

What other question might we ask ourselves?

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