Saturday, March 06, 2010

This Blog is Not Accepting My Comments

I've just tried, twice to respond to a comment to the post Cherry Blossoms. What I tried to say was that ------I expected that I would try audio books again some day and that I had just begun to use a local public library after not having done so for years. I said that I was reading two library books at present. One is "The song of Hiawatha and Other Poems" by Longfellow. Said that I believed that I had probably called him Wordsworth. Mentioned that "Gerry" probably remembered Gitchi Gumi.
The second book looks to be one of the best works I have ever read. It's "The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History" by Ibn Khaldun, translated by Franz Rosethal and edited and abridged by N. J. Dawood. I added that perhaps I just liked abridged and condensed books that the Hiawatha book was put out by The Reader's Digest Association.

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  1. Yep, Richard, I remember . . .
    "by the shores of Gitchi Gumi . . . . "
    You may want to Comment by signing out of your google account and Comment via Anonymous. Can't hurt to try.

    BTW, I love our local library. I read so many books per year that I would not be able to afford this habit if I had to purchase every one of the books [good or bad].


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