Monday, August 24, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

Made considerable progress in cleaning up around the property today.
Have hopes of finishing most of it tomorrow. Guys helping were mildly surprised at the size of one scorpion we found under one not very old pile of rubble.

Took a written test and an eye test at the DMV today to renew my drivers licenses. I was not very surprised at not making any errors on the written test, but was nicely surprised at doing very well on the vision test. Did well enough not to have to renew again for another five years. Its getting so that I can imagine living that long.

My tenant in Joshua Tree called today. His name is Joshua. Among other things he said that it is likely that he will be moving in October. He and his wife have been very good tenants and I will be sorry to lose them.
I was not expecting them to move, but I am now remembering that I told myself, a year or so ago, that when they moved, I would probably move into that pleasant little house. So, now that this place is just beginning to look like a place I can be proud to live, I may be moving.

I have much more capital in this place than I do in the JT place, but may not be able to get any more rent for it. I might be able to get another $50 a month.
I wouldn't be moving for the cash, but rather to be living in a place that was closer to shopping, transportation, and health services. The move would also help to get rid of more stuff. If it turned out to be too noisy I could move back here, or elsewhere.

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