Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miscelaneous Hypertension Notes

There are a variety of symptoms for hypertension and not all of equal value. For example numbness and tingling may not be very good ones. They do occur in hypertension but there could very well be do to other things including dietary or absorption problem es. Numbness and tingling have been cured by correcting a vitamin deficiency. Of course diet may effect blood pressure in other ways.

On the other hand blood vessel damage in the eyes is often a good indicator of long time high blood pressure;especially when there has not been physical trauma to the eyes. The degree of damage may well be a good measure of how long the hypertension has been present or of repeated episodes of very high presser.

The most useful symptom may be a record of pressure cuff measurements with high average pressure. In one clinic, I was hooked up to a gauge that not only continually recorded my pressures and its changes over many hours, but also provided a continual visual display of my pressure readouts across as long wall. To that information it also added a running average. I was impressed at the time by the very large differences in pressure from one second to the next. Just a few words from me caused my pressure to jump.

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