Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Kind of Trip is This?

No cruising eastern European rivers. No flights to New Zealand or Australia.

I'm very ready for a trip, except for one embarrassing detail; I don't have the money. I guess I could blame 'the economy,' but it is me. It's my fault. It's my own fault. I had put aside a bit for a trip, but just used it to put up $3000 worth of cyclone fencing here at Camp Thunderbird. I made the mistake of thinking I could replace it before I was ready to travel. I haven't replaced it and I am ready.
The meanderer, wanderer, ambler in me is ready for a couple of months of ambling, wandering, and meandering.
So, I've cleaned out the back of my old van and put a futon there with some nice fresh bedding.
That done, I tried making a travel budget. I see that I have just over $46 a day available. Of course that is only for food, lodging, gas, nightclubs, doctors, dentists, mechanics, laundromats, maps, flights, cruises, honey, van parts and so on.

Once I had my budget well I hand I began to consider my other resources. First there is me. I am 71 years old and not as swift as once I was. But I am fully ready to compensate for my decrepitude with my great planning and budgeting capabilities. Then there is my '97 Astro Van; a vehicle of great experience, but 'in van years, not young. So much for resources.

If it wasn't for the fact that I have nearly a full tank of gas, I might have to camp in the driveway.

I still have some details to take care of before I can leave the house for over a month, but I intend to sally forth as soon as they are taken care of.... or forgotten.

In the meantime, I'll use as little of my gas as possible.

I hope to keep you posted!

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